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Most, if not all organisations rely heavily on Information Technology (IT) resources to carry out their business.  Ensuring that these resources have sufficient capacity and deliver sufficient performance to meet the demands of the business now and in the future, in a cost effective manner, is the job of the Capacity Management Service.

In a nut shell, Capacity Management takes technical measurements of the utilisation and performance of the various IT infrastructure components.  Combines this data with information provided by the business on current and future activities, and provides back to the business capacity forecasts and plans which predict the IT infrastructure requirements of the business.  By doing this the Capacity Management Service aims to avoid business impacting incidents that are a direct result of inappropriate capacity.

Capacity Management generates a number of outputs including reports and information used by the organisation to help manage its IT infrastructure, the most significant of which is the annual capacity plan and its subsequent reviews.  The capacity plan informs the organisation of the IT infrastructure requirements over the period covered by the plan and as such is a significant input to the organisation’s annual budget cycle.  A by-product of Capacity Management is data and information which can be used by technical specialists to avoid capacity and performance related incidents within the organisation and therefore, Capacity Management is a significant aid to improving the availability of an organisations IT systems.

Captell CMC provides an out of the box Capacity Management Service that contains all that you need to establish Capacity Management in your organisation.

Whether your organisation is small with few IT infrastructure devices or large with thousands of devices Captell CMC can provide a significant advantage to your IT support services.

Fast track capacity management to get you up and running quickly, delivering useful reports and effective procedures from day one – with new enhancements and reports published regularly.

Fully automated data management and reporting; free your time for managing capacity – not managing data for manual reports that struggle to reveal the real, complex and critical issues.

Captell CMC is built and maintained by experts with many years of practical capacity management and reporting experience. Our expertise will deliver the seamless reporting you need for efficient, effective capacity management without complex, labour intensive in-house processes & systems.

Get it right – the first time and every time

Captell CMC – out-of-the-box solution for real IT capacity management

Contact us to discuss how Captell CMC can benefit your business.

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