Captell CMC runs on the Windows platform and requires a SQL Server instance with SQL Server Reporting Services installed.

The following is the base configuration required to support Captell CMC:

  • 8GB Ram, preferable 16GB.  With SQL Server processing large volumes of data more memory is preferable.

  • Quad core processor, preferable dual quad cores.  Additional cores will allow faster overnight data loading and reporting.

  • Disk and database storage is dependent upon the volume of data being processed, i.e. the number of devices to be included in capacity management processes.  Typically you should count on approximately 50MB per device when retaining 12 months of raw data and capturing 5 - 10 metrics per device.

  • Windows OS 2016 or later

  • SQL Server 2017 or later

  • Dot Net framework 4.7.2

Basic implementation:

The basic, and preferred implementation, is to include all components on a single server.  This provides the best possible performance during the initial stages of capacity management deployment.  In a typical environment there are only 4 or 5 users viewing reports however, if your environment is very large then you may wish to consider deploying a dedicated reporting server which is of the same configuration as that described above but only support reporting with the databases being periodically copied across.

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