IT Capacity Management In A Box!

Information Technology Capacity Management should be straight forward;
up until now it hasn't been!

Captell Capacity Management Capability (Captell CMC)

provides simple straight forward IT Capacity Management in a box

All you need from Policy, Process, and Governance through to Services, Automated Software and Reports

Captell CMC

  Policy, Process, Practice and Governance documentation that is easily tailored to meet your organisations requirements.  On site services to assist with installation and getting you up and running.  All you need to get started implementing Capacity Management in your organisation

Configure Captell CMC to set data sources, control shift definitions, specify how metrics are summarised and trends created.  Provide additional attributes for devices and metrics.  Set thresholds for metrics to control planning and alerting

Import data from a warehouse or other source.  Load Utilisation information, Business  metrics, Device information, and device to application, application to service , service to portfolio mappings.  Summarise and trend data, all on a schedule

Design a baseline, build a baseline, view the baseline reports to see devices and metrics that may breach thresholds during the baseline period.  Generate baselines for all infrastructure, or at the application, service or portfolio level

Run canned reports to identify devices and metrics that are currently, or are projected to breach specified metrics.  Produce reports at the metric, device, application, service, portfolio or all infrastructure level


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